Wine and Oil

The experience in the oenological field of our headquarters in Cagliari (Sardinia) guarantees Customers adequate support both in the execution of chemical tests and in the interpretation of the analytical data.

Assistance is also guaranteed in relation to the production regulations and the export of wine.

The Cagliari office is recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food as a laboratory authorized to carry out analysis on wines, derivatives and alcoholic beverages and on olive oil and olive pomace oil. This laboratory is authorized also by MIPAAF (Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forest Policies) for the issue of analysis certificates in the wine and olive oil fields.

Our main analysis and services are:

  • verification of wine suitability for export
  • analysis of olive oil, pomace and fatty substances pursuant to EEC Regulation 2568/1991 and subsequent amendments
  • analysis of wines, sparkling wines, sparkling wines, musts, concentrated musts and rectified concentrated musts (fixed and volatile acidity, sorbic acid, ash, TAV and TAVT, total dry extract and reduced and non-reducing extract, sulphates, overpressure, sulfur dioxide total and free, pH, etc,)

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