Water Quality

Water is a precious commodity and source of life. Thanks to the distribution of laboratories and personnel throughout the national territory, LabAnalysis is able to offer a fast and reliable sampling and analysis service, respecting the analytical times required by the methods.

The high number of sampling technicians allows us to meet customer requests quickly. In the event of request, it is also possible to supply the glassware necessary for sampling and its transport to the laboratory. The highly qualified staff can carry out any type of control required by current regulations regarding water intended for human consumption, groundwater, surface water, wastewater, process water and leachate. The laboratory also has the possibility to send data in the form of configurable EDD (Electonic Data Deliverable) and DPR report (Data Package Report).

Water intended for human consumption

By water intended for human consumption we mean both treated and untreated water, for drinking, for the preparation of food and drinks, for domestic use but also water used by food companies.

The regulatory reference is the Legislative Decree 31 of 02/02/01 and subsequent amendments. LabAnalysis carries out all types of chemical (metals, inorganic compounds, volatile substances, pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, acrylamide, epichlorohydrin ...) and microbiological (Escherichia coli, Enterococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa) controls as required by current legislation as well as emerging pollutants, such as PFAS and bisphenol A.

Particular attention is paid to the research of Legionella pneumophila in water and air conditioning systems, providing also support in risk assessment, management and monitoring.

Surface Water

Surface water is from rivers, lakes and streams but also sea water. it must be periodically checked both from a chemical and biological point of view to monitor its state of "good health", to protect both human health and the species existing in the water.

The Laboratory carries out both chemical and biological controls to supervise the quality standard of surface water.


Groundwater is of vital importance in the world as it represents the largest reserve of water for human consumption.

LabAnalysis is equipped to carry out sampling of groundwater, with the possibility of detecting the presence of supernatant with a probe as interface.

The Laboratory carries out all types of checks to meet the requirements of current legislation such as metals, inorganic compounds, volatile substances, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, phenols, aromatic amines, chlorine and nitrobenzeni, pcb, dioxins and furans, total hydrocarbons, asbestos ...

As qualifying services, LabAnalysis offers consultancy to support the management of groundwater treatment plants and the preparation of monitoring plans.

Waste, process and leachate water

Wastewater or sewage is the water used in human, domestic, agricultural or industrial activities, which may contain organic and inorganic substances that can damage health and the environment.

LabAnalysis is able to sample and analyze domestic, industrial, urban wastewater, rainwater and leachate and carry out any type of control required by current legislation or any type of control prescribed to companies by Integrated Environmental Authorizations, also with the preparation of equivalence reports.

Instant and average samplings are carried out, even with an automatic autosampler.

LabAnalysis is equipped to perform analysis on the main indicator parameters of wastewater with fast delivery to support the ownsers of the treatment plants.

As qualifying services, LabAnalysis offers consultancy to support the management of wastewater treatment plants

Water Quality - SARS-CoV-2 RNA Monitoring

LabAnalysis performs epidemiological monitoring services of the causative agent SARS-CoV-2 on wastewater and non-wastewater.

The analyzes provide useful information on the epidemic trend and allow early warning of outbreaks.

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