Training Classes

LabAnalysis has a team of highly qualified teacher trainers. They are experienced professionals with multi-disciplinary skills and active experience in the field.

The strength of the training offered to the client is the specificity with which the training courses are designed and delivered- in order to ensure maximum effectiveness in the transmission of content and in increasing the awareness of learners.

The training can be carried out both at the customer's production unit and at LabAnalysis offices.

Emergency Management

  • Training courses for Fire Fighters pursuant to Ministerial Decree 10/03/98 for LOW and MEDIUM risk levels
  • Training courses for First Aid Officers pursuant to Ministerial Decree 388/03 for companies in group A, B and C
  • Basic training courses and Basic Life Support (BLS) refresher courses held by accredited instructors BLSD-AREU (Azienda Regionale Emergenza Urgenza)
  • Basic training and refresher courses Basic Life Support and Defibrillation (BLSD) held by accredited instructors BLSD-AREU (Azienda Regionale Emergenza Urgenza)

Specific Focus

Specific preventive gymnastics courses
The classes are organized within the working structures and affect the fundamental aspect of prevention. During the class, theoretical information on physiology and anatomy of the spine is provided and the correct ways of handling a load and performing activities that can lead to an overload of the spine are taught. In addition, useful exercises are taught to perform for maintaining the well-being of the back.

Training classes related to specific topics in the field of health and safety at workplace

Qualified teachers according to the Decree of 06 March 2013

LabAnalysis has a team of qualified trainers for teaching under the State Regions Agreement of 21-12-2011 (general training, specific training, training for managers and supervisors)

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