We have chosen  «Good for the Planet, Great for the People» as corporate mission to highlight the primary importance that environment and people hold for our Group. On one hand, for the activities we have promoted internally and on the other, for the activities related to the circular economy (Green Economy), to the safety of workers and to food products.

If customers are the reason why our company exists, employees are the source of our existence. As a family business, we transfer our way of living, believing and thinking. Therefore, we create a place that is simultaneously oriented to the dimensional growth of the company and the cultural and harmonious growth of all the people in the environment in which we live.

Corporate Welfare

We have developed a Corporate Welfare as a strategic project that starts from listening to the needs of employees. Upon achievement of the productivity, seniority, safety and presence objectives, employees can take advantage of welfare credits to access consumer goods, travel, pension and supplementary health, insurance policies, work and life balance.

New company center

We have recently opened a new multifunctional construction for Pavia’s headquarter with a catering company, gym and nursery. Temporarily, employees can only take advantage of the catering company due to the COVID-19 health emergency.

LabAnalysis Academy

In addition to basic training (Quality and Safety) we also organise technical refresher classes and ad hoc classes such as: People Management, IT, Project Management, English and Public Speaking. In 2019, over 35% of our staff attended such courses.

Gender equality

The diversity and equal opportunities is particularly noticed within the Group. 52% of the staff are women and the percentage increases to over 60% if we consider only the Manager roles.

Environmental sustainability

Over 65% of our processes are digitized, guaranteeing both lower paper consumption and better traceability: the goal is to reach 80% by 2025. We have equipped our offices with water dispensers and employees with thermos in order to discourage the consumption of plastic bottles.

 All these actions have led to important awards. Read here the article on our award Welfare Index PMI 2020 ceremony.