Knowledge of the soil and underground, of its structural and compositional characteristics, is of the utmost importance for the identification and correct exploitation of resources, such as water.

LabAnalysis can offer consultancy services for the preparation of sampling and characterization plans and, thanks to specialized technicians, offers sampling possibilities throughout the Italian territory.

Characterization and Remediation

All parameters required by current legislation (D.Lgs. 3 aprile 2006, n. 152) are analysed, including dioxins, high-resolution furans, PCBs, pesticides, PAHs, VOCs, metals, hydrocarbons, asbestos, etc.  It characterizes sites intended for industrial / commercial use but also for green / residential use.

LabAnalysis prepares sampling plans and propaedeutic analysis for the development of Risk Analysis. As a special service we offer the speciation of metals to differentiate their elemental form from the ionic one.


The main sediment analysis performed by LabAnalysis include:

  • Methods application for the analysis of marine and river sediments, evaluating its environmental quality standards, determining with precision, speed and reliability all the parameters required by the applicable legislation
  • Classification of marine sediments according to the weighted integration criteria or tabular criteria provided for by the current legislation D.M. 15 July 2016 n. 173

Agronomic Soil

In agriculture it is important to know the chemical-physical characteristics of the soil, as they deeply affect the quality of the various agricultural crops.

For this reason, the routine analysis of the soil is an essential support to identify the nutrient elements deficient in agricultural production, but also for shortcomings and / or excesses of elements and for establishing the agricultural practices used.

LabAnalysis performs the analysis on the ground, so that suitable and specific fertilization plans can be prepared.


The term fertilizer includes substances which, due to their content in nutritional elements or their chemical, physical or biological characteristics, contribute to the improvement of the fertility of the agricultural soil or to the nourishment of cultivated plants or to their better development.

Fertilizers are divided into:

  • Fertilizers: provide crops the chemical elements of fertility, necessary for plants to carry out their vegetative and productive cycle
  • Soil improvers and corrective agents: it modifies the chemical, physical, biological and mechanical properties and characteristics of a soil, improving its habitability for cultivated plant species​

They are subject to current legislation, the legislative decree of 29 April 2010 n. 75

LabAnalysis is able to satisfy the needs of customers by carrying out the analysis of the main parameters required internally.

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