Research & Development

Application studies on new raw materials.

The main raw materials used for the production of cosmetics are: fatty substances such as oils, butters, waxes; surfactants used as emulsifiers, washing ingredients, solubilizers, wetting agents; humectants; thickening / emulsifying / film-forming polymers; sun filters; preservatives and sequestrants; dyes and pigments; antioxidants and vitamins; active principles. We evaluate the potential for use in cosmetics of completely new raw materials or those already used in other sectors; we also investigate further applications of cosmetic raw materials, in addition to those already known and consolidated, to develop their versatility.

Preliminary Study

Evaluation of the main characteristics of the new raw material with organoleptic and chemical-physical analysis (influence on pH, viscosity, solubility and / or miscibility, observation under the microscope). We can help you in choosing one or more grades of the same ingredient, whose characteristics are better combined with the cosmetic formulation.


Addition to simple systems to verify compatibility with raw materials commonly used in the cosmetic field. Evaluation of the behavior of systems over time to better understand its interaction with other substances.


Introduction into different types of cosmetic formulas in order to evaluate their chemical-physical and sensory characteristics with and without the substance under study. This comparison allows us to identify which peculiarities of the formulation are enhanced by the new raw material: film-forming, sensorial, dispersing effects of a solid, etc

Ad hoc Formulation

Development of new formulas, from toiletries to make-up, built around the raw material to highlight the most significant characteristics identified with our studies. It is also possible to create formulations with the use of a combination of raw materials from your portfolio.

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