Physical and microbiological testing in controlled environments

With its consolidated experience, LabAnalysis performs services and controls (validation of HVAC systems, control of clean rooms and sterile environments, cell factories, operating theatres, both with field measurements and with the drafting of control and validation protocols) in compliance with ISO 14644-1, ISO 14644-2, ISO 14644-3 standards updated to the latest versions in force, EU GMP Directive, Annex 1 - "Manifacture of sterile Medicinal products".

Labanalysis has a team of more than 10 qualified technicians (graduates in Physics, Engineering and Biology), some of whom are qualified by ICEB (International Cleanroom Education Board) as technicians for investigations and tests in controlled contamination environments; it also has all the instrumentation needed to carry out chemical, physical and microbiological controls.

The sector offers the following services: 

In particular, it has the following appropriately calibrated instrumentation:

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