LabAnalysis offers a complete portfolio of analytical services in the chemical and microbiological field by supporting pharmaceutical companies in the activities of quality control and research and development. Over the years, LabAnalysis laboratories have received institutional awards and accreditations, including FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency). In 1996, we obtained GMP certification that allows us to carry out controls according to the requirement of the Good Manufacturing Practice. The high-quality standard also meets the needs dictated by the controlling entities around the world, ensuring active collaborations in the five continents.

LabAnalysis provides support on a wide range of services - from the control of raw materials to batch release analysis on the product formulated for placing it on the market. Considering the controls on raw materials, our team can perform summary tests in accordance with the various Pharmacopoeias or tests with ad hoc validated methods for the specific determination. Among all the possible analytical activities that can be carried out between these two phases of the quality control of a pharmaceutical company, we can also consider, as part of the know-how of LabAnalysis, the development and validation of the method, characterization of unknown impurities, stress test, leachable and extractable, stability studies, media fill, binary compatibility, customizable studies, validation of sanitizers, challenge tests and much more.

Thanks to the latest generation instrumentation and more than 40 years’ expertise, LabAnalysis can be competitive on the market, always guaranteeing a high-quality standard. GMP activities are carried out in the laboratories in Casanova Lonati (PV) and in Livorno (LI).

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Stress Test

Methods Development and Validation

Leachable and Extractable

Stability and Storage Studies

Media Fill