Nutritional Analysis

The choice on food and drinks determins our diet in terms of nutritional intake and balance. The label therefore represents an important tool for safeguarding consumers' right to get information. Food information helps protect consumers' health and interests by providing them with the basics for making informed choices and for using food safely, in compliance with health, economic, environmental, social and ethical considerations.

The laboratories carry out checks on food labelling in accordance with EU Regulation 1169/2011 and subsequent amendments and with the FDA regulations for nutritional tables for the United States.

Our main services:

• food and beverage compositional analysis: ashes, proteins, fats of which saturated, carbohydrates of which sugars, dietary fiber

• composition of fatty acids, cholesterol

• minerals (sodium (salt), potassium, calcium, iron, ...)

• determination of food micro-constituents: vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, etc.

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