The CellToxDays 2022 Meeting Report is now online

News - 28 Luglio 2023
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It is now available the free Meeting Report summarizing all the speakers who took part in the CellToxDays 2022, organized by the Italian Association of In Vitro Toxicology (CellTox).
An event planned in four webinars, held between February and March 2022, dedicated to innovative in vitro solutions and technologies applied to biological barrier research.

The event aimed to highlight the importance of biological barriers, which are critical for maintaining homeostasis as they regulate its development, acting as the first line of defense in chemical and physical immune protection. Innovations in this field - the center of the proposed days by CellTox - are therefore essential for future advances in the development of approaches relevant to humans.

The days addressed four specific areas of application starting with skin modeling, lung and gastrointestinal barrier, ending with multi-organ interactions.

Alice Cattaneo - Study Director GLP in vitro Toxicology - took part in the first day talking about: "Skin Irritation and Corrosion: in vitro studies with reconstructed tissues" highlighting ChemService's experience in using in vitro testing in toxicology studies as a viable alternative to in vivo testing. In fact, our Laboratories are able to perform in GLP regime both skin irritation test [OECD TG 439] and skin corrosion test [OECD TG 431].

Diego Baderna - President of the CellTox Association and technical figure of reference in ChemService - also took part in the event as moderator, contributing to the successful interventions of all speakers.

To find out more about speakers and interventions, download the Report!

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