Antonio Legnani and Lorenzo Maggi's interview on LabAnalysis Process Pharma

News - 13 Giugno 2023

LabAnalysis Process Pharma allow us to face service management in pharmaceutical industry focusing not only on analytical data, but also on project management of process validations in manufacturing.

So began Lorenzo MaggiExecutive Vice President of LabAnalysis Group, in contextualizing the  recent birth of LabAnalysis Process Pharma, LabAnalysis' new company dedicated to pharmaceutical process and product validation activities announce in late 2022.

With a dedicated area of 600m2, a chemical-physical and a microbiological laboratory reserved for the development and validation of all filtration technologies, systems and disposable components, but above all with an independent organization, LabAnalysis Process Pharma (LPP) aims to fill a market gap.

Since 2015 we have noticed the need, for pharmaceutical companies, to have a competent partner able to provide a complete validation service: from laboratory to project management, not bound to the sale of one type of technology or brand – explains Antonio Legnani, CEO of LabAnalysis Process Pharma.

This situation fostered the emergence of consulting figures often bond to entities lacking the ability to offer complete service management: either due to the lack of a laboratory or the lack of project management skills.

LPP thus stands as a strategic partner in the provision of validation services: a single, independent interlocutor on both the analytical and the project management sides. The unified service is a guarantee of time and cost rationalization, representing a real game changer for the European and overseas pharma markets.

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