Clean Beauty: the current trend in Cosmetics

Blog - 5 Ottobre 2022

The issue of sustainability now affects all areas, including cosmetics. Recently, in fact, there has been a trend called clean beauty, which indicates a preference for ethical and safe, ecosystem-friendly solutions that are sustainable from the initial phase of cosmetic product creation to the distribution phase to the end customer.


Miriam Deola - R&D Cosmetic Specialist elaborates on this issue on the magazine Beauty Horizons 4/2022 by talking about a "callback to the 'ancient' art of formulating" and, therefore, a return to traditional formulas adapted to today's context.


The birth of this trend certainly stems from an increased awareness among consumers of the need to direct their choices toward products that ensure quality while respecting people, animals and the environment. However, the information often suggesting modern consumers can also be misleading. Therefore, it is important to be up to date on industry trends and the properties that can be derived from specific ingredients and their combination.

This applies to any type of cosmetic product, from make-up to sunscreens to products for body, face or specific areas of the body, which take advantage of the characteristics of substances to create taylored solutions for different needs.


Specific information and interesting comments are set forth in Dr. Deola's article Clean Beauty: Formulating "Clean Cosmetics" for Beauty Horizons 4/200.


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