Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Products based on microorganisms require a dedicated characterization and LabAnalysis has collected a meticulous know-how over the last 5 years in the development of these new types of studies dedicated to products based on microorganisms.

Our main services are:

  • biochemical and molecular biology identification of the strain and quantification of the content as CFU/g or spores/g (direct and indirect quantification of strain density and viability)
  • colonization test
  • development and validation of microbiological methods for the quantification of strains of microorganisms
  • development and validation of the analytical method for the quantification of impurities, metabolites and secondary metabolites
  • 5-batch analysis of fermented technical products
  • microbiological and physical characterization of formulated products
  • determination of contaminants and impurities including secondary metabolites and/or toxins
  • calculation of the MIC (Minimum Inhibitory Concentration) according to the European Pharmacopoeia
  • biological compatibility with other products

We are able to perform 5-batch analysis dedicated to the fermented technical product, obtained through Subemerged Fermentation or Solid State Fermentation that is being used for the formulation of the finished product.

Furthermore, we have the possibility to carry out microbiological and physical characterization studies on the final formulations (OD, SC, G, WDG etc…) as well as implement dedicated Shelf Life studies (at different storage temperatures).

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