HACCP and Shelf Life Consulting

Over the years, our experience in the microbiological and chemical fields has allowed us to guarantee our customers:

  • preparation of protocols related to Shelf Life studies and Challenge tests
  • assistance and advice in the field of HACCP and in the execution of health and hygiene Audits


The goal is to support the Customer in the matter of hygienic-sanitary Quality Assurance of food products.

Our main services:

  • Shelf Life studies to determine the durability of a food product both from a microbiological, organoleptic and chemical point of view
  • Accelerated Shelf Life studies during which foods are placed in storage conditions (e.g. light, temperature, humidity) to facilitate the acceleration of chemical reactions that would normally take place over a longer period
  • studies in conditions of "thermal abuse" in which the behavior of the food occurs under non-optimal storage conditions that may occur during transport or storage
  • predictive microbiology to evaluate, through dedicated software, the growth or reduction of microorganisms potential in food
  • challenge test with Listeria monocytogenes or with other indicator microorganisms


Over the years, the experience and training of our consultants has allowed us to guarantee our Customers assistance and advice in the field of HACCP consulting and in the execution of health and hygiene Audits.

The goal is to ensure the safety of food and the health and hygiene quality of products throughout the food chain, from producers to distribution.

  • preparation and implementation of self-control systems with preparation of HACCP self-control plans and periodic assistance for their maintenance, check and revision
  • training classes on the management of HACCP plans for FBOs, OSFs (operators in the food and feed sectors) and for operators in the contact materials sector
  • assistance in solving problems and developing improvement plans
  • hygienic-sanitary qualification and control audits: hygienic-sanitary visits, qualification and control of suppliers and points of sale of large-scale distribution and catering

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