Since 1997 LabAnalysis has been certified by the Ministry of Health to conduct GLP studies in order to support the registration dossiers of agrochemicals, biopesticides and biostimulants.

Experience and innovation are the key ingredients that allow us to be the ideal partner for support in the registration of chemical products as well as playing an important role in the research and development of new products.


  • more than 20 years of experience of the Test Center
  • study directors with specific experience in several areas of activity (from 5 to 15 years)


  • strategic marketing of the new requests of the international Regulatory Authorities
  • development of new methods and adjustments to the guidelines
  • latest generation equipement

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Physical-chemical Properties

GLP Methods Validation

Residue Analysis

Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecotoxicity

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Environmental Destiny (E-Fate)