The laboratories are equipped for research and development of several types of non-aerosol cosmetics, including make-up, and for application trials on new raw materials.

The main equipment are the following: 5 Kilograms vacuum turbo-emulsifier, ball-mills, compressed-air compacting machine, thermostatic ovens at different temperatures, thermostatic centrifuge at 13000 rpm, spectrophotometer IR-TF, microscope, technical and analytical balances, thermostatic bath, viscometer, pH meter, Silverson turbo-emulsifier, sampling store with more than 5000 raw materials.

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We can cover all types of products: skin and body care, make-up, hair care, oral care, cleansing.

Formulation Service

We create customized formulas, designed to meet your marketing goals. We regularly develop new formulas based on proven technologies. We determine which active ingredients, delivery system and production process are most suitable for your product concept.


We can replicate products and formulas to simplify the transition to a new manufacturer or enter new markets. Among the characteristics that we take into consideration for the evaluation: organoleptic aspects, viscosity, particle size and quality of the emulsion at the microscope, pH and specific weight.

Problem Solving

Resolution of any type of problem that products may present even when already on the market: production difficulties, separation of emulsions, appearance of unpleasant odors, reduction of viscosity and other organoleptic and chemical-physical variations. We can also assist you in identifying functional problems (SPF efficacy) or tolerability (adverse effects encountered by your customers).

Formulation Improvement

Do you want to improve the texture of your product or enrich it with new active ingredients? Or do you prefer your formula to be organic or use more natural ingredients? We review formulas and ingredients from across the industry and we can offer you our support to improve your product as you wish.

Makeup - Valutazioni Strumentali

  • High SPF and water resistant sun products, in emulsion, gel texture or sprayable
  • Skin-care for sensitive skin
  • Functional cleansing (dandruff, colored hair, problematic skin)
  • Water-free formulas

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