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Current legislation defines the cosmetic product as being able to maintain and improve skin functions. It also states that cosmetic products must be effective and safe for the consumer.

The cosmetic effectiveness of a product is the ability to fulfill the functions for which it was formulated. It is the property that best represents the performance of the product and must be scientifically and objectively demonstrated. The evaluation of cosmetic efficacy therefore represents a guarantee for both the consumer and the cosmetic industry.


The high consumption of anti-aging treatments confirms the interest of the market in the skin aging. The signs of aging are visible especially on the face with a progressive loss of volume, hydration, elasticity, firmness, density, definition and with an increase in wrinkles and skin stains. The anti-aging cosmetic approach it is multifactorial and synergistic. Action is taken on the surface, structure and skin function with antioxidant, smoothing, exfoliating, muscle relaxant, densifying, lightening and restoring ingredients.


The eye contour area is particularly delicate and sensitive due to very thin skin and continuous movements and contractions of the skin structures. The most common blemishes in the eye contour area are dark circles, bags and wrinkles. Bluish-gray dark circles are often hereditary and are accentuated by stress and fatigue. To mitigate them is being used cosmetic treatments with a vaso-protective, illuminating and covering effect. Bags under the eyes are also often hereditary and are more visible with age, fatigue and stress. As cosmetic treatment are being used decongestant and toning products. Wrinkles in the periocular area also known as crow's feet wrinkles are due to the repeated movements of the eyelids, to external
aggressions and UV exposure. Anti-aging cosmetic products specific are being used as treatment for the eye area.


Sensitive skin is characterized by skin hyperactivity due to external factors such as drugs, cosmetics, detergents, fabrics, climatic changes and solar exposure. The face is the area most affected as it is exposed to the external environment and to cosmetic treatments. Characteristic of the skin sensitive is a cutaneous imbalance of the physiological parameters of integrity of barrier, pH, color, microcirculatory flow, hydration with greater predisposition to irritation, dryness, capillary fragility, penetration transdermal and barrier damage. The condition of sensitive skin is of interest especially for female gender.


The water content of the stratum corneum in constant balance between the external environmentand underlying layers is essential for the physiological function of barrier. A correct water content, essential for healthy skin, gives the skin plasticity, elasticity, firmness, smoothness and protection against external aggressions. The moisturizing cosmetic treatment acts synergistically with lipid and hydrophilic substances..

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