Environmental Destiny (E-Fate)

From a registration point of view, environmental impact studies are important for active substances and formulated products.

Our main services carried out in accordance with the guidelines:

  • aerobic and anaerobic transformation in soil (OECD 307)
  • aerobic and anaerobic transformation in aquatic sediments (OECD 308)
  • absorption and desorption using batch equilibrium method (OECD 106)
  • hydrolysis: how pH works (OECD 111)
  • phototransformation of chemical products in water and direct photohydrolysis (OECD 316)
  • estimation of the soil absorption coefficient and sludge using HPLC
  • biodegradability - Manometric respirometry (OECD 301 F - D)
  • respiratory inhibition test with activated sludge (OECD 209)

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