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Current legislation defines the cosmetic product as being able to maintain and improve skin functions. It also states that cosmetic products must be effective and safe for the consumer..

The cosmetic effectiveness of a product is the ability to fulfill the functions for which it was formulated. It is the property that best represents the performance of the product and must be scientifically and objectively demonstrated. The evaluation of cosmetic efficacy therefore represents a guarantee for both the consumer and the cosmetic industry.


The skin of the hands is certainly the most neglected of the body even if exposed to climatic factors such as wind, cold, UV rays and repeated washing with detergents. The corneal layer of hands skin thins with age, presenting age spots and dryness. Foot treatments prevents chapping, fungal and bacterial infections and unpleasant odors while leg treatments combat heaviness and swelling.


Cellulite is an alteration of the hypodermis with hypertrophy of the connective and adipose components, slowing of blood flow and stasis of liquids. In addition to predisposing factors such as female gender, white race and genetic predisposition, one of the main causes is the increase in the volume of adipocytes and there are also considered risk factors the nutrition, alcohol, smoking and sedentary lifestyle. Even people who are not overweight may have "orange peel" skin, water retention and heaviness in the legs.


Stretch-mark are skin atrophy with the appearance of parallel bands generally located in the abdominal area, on the breasts and on upper and lower legs. The causes are due to individual predisposition, hormonal factors, rapid weight loss and pregnancy. The cosmetic treatment has mainly a preventive action but can also be effective in reducing the visibility of the stretch mark.


The skin of the body shows the characteristic signs of aging such as loss of elasticity, firmness and dryness, especially in the period of menopause when hormonal support is lacking. Cosmetic treatments must be effective in moisturizing, firming, toning and stimulating the microcirculation..

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