Food allergens inevitably affect diets and lives of many people around the world. Hence the interest, grown significantly in recent years, in food-related diseases, as well as the debate regarding the circumstances in which food can be the triggering agent. Therefore, food allergies and intolerances are increasingly monitored and studied in order to improve the lives of those who are subject to these disadvantaged situations.

Our molecular biology laboratories have implemented the PCR and ELISA analysis of allergens in order to provide an adequate analytical service with qualified and expert staff of the main national and international standards.

The laboratories are included in the list of laboratories recommended by AIC (Italian Celiac Association) for the quantification analysis of gluten in food matrices, carried out using the R5 ELISA method (immuno-enzymatic assay with R5 monoclonal antibody) which is the only one currently officially recognized from the Codex Alimentarius.

In addition to ELISA and PCR, our laboratories have the latest generation LC-MS / MS available to test multiple allergens in the same reaction, an approach only recently considered by AOAC, ILSI and MONIQA.

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