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LabAnalysis was founded in 1976, by Luigino and Isella, with only one employee. Our foundation in Italy marked the beginning of an incredible journey in the analytical field by delivering testing for compliance with directives and consulting services to the Pharma and Environment industries.

We’ve learned to help customers across the entire business lifecycle, starting from test results interpretation to delivering multi-disciplinary, quick problem-solving expertise. In the early 2000, Lorenzo and Stefano, joined their parents. To assure a legacy of continuity and success, they embraced the values and survival strategies. Consequently, enabling progress and enhancing our team performance, our role have steadly grown also in Health & Security, Food and GLP sector.

Today, LabAnalysis has a proven track record of long last business partnerships. With an extensive national network of accredited laboratories, our highly trained experts guarantee the reliability and precision of results through an uniform approach to quality procedures.


+26.000 sqm labs and offices

+900 employees

+1.000 accreditations

+65% graduated technicians

+45 years of expertise

52% workplace

48% workplace

10 acquisitions


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